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Cattierite (CoS2) is a cobalt found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was discovered together with the nickel by Johannes F. Vaes , a Belgian mineralologist and named after Felicien Cattier, Chairman of the Board, Union Miniere du Haut Katanga.

The mineral belongs to the pyrite group , in which all minerals share the same building principle. The metal in the oxidation state +2 forms a sodium chloride structure together with the anion S22−. This formalism recognizes that the sulfur atoms in pyrite occur in pairs with clear S-S bonds.

It occurs with pyrite and members of the linnaeite group in ore deposits in carbonate rocks. In addition to the type locality in the Katanga district it is reported from Gansberg , Black Forest, Sweden; Bald Knob, near Sparta , Alleghany County, North Carolina and in the Fletcher mine of Reynolds County, Missouri


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