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Kamiokite is an iron mineral with the chemical formula Fe2Mo3O8. The name kamiokite is derived from the locality, the Kamioka mine in Gifu Prefecture

Kamiokite is a hexagonal system with equal axes a1, a2, a3. These three axes of the kamiokite crystal mineral, meaning that light travels through the mineral in different directions and velocities. Kamiokite is strongly pleochroic

Kamiokite can be found as inclusions in domeykite , algodonite Kamiokite is associated with copper arsenides found in Michigan's Mohawk and Ahmeek copper mines. Although rare, kamiokite is predominantly found in mining environments and can indicate the presence of other minerals of interest, such as copper in the case of the Mohawk and Ahmeek mines. It is speculated that kamiokite can enhance the concentration of the copper it is hosted in.

There are no known health risks associated with this mineral.


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