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Khatyrkite (/ˈkætiərkaɪt/ KAT-ee-ər-kyte is a rare mineral which is mostly composed of copper and aluminium or iron Its chemical structure is described by an approximate formula (Cu,Zn)Al2 or (Cu,Fe)Al2. It was discovered in 1985 in a placer in association with another rare mineral cupalite ((Cu,Zn,Fe)Al). These two minerals have only been found in the area of the Listvenitovyi Stream, in the Khatyrka , in Beringovsky District , Chukotka. Analysis of one of the samples containing khatyrkite showed that the small rock was from a meteorite. A geological expedition has identified the exact place of the original discovery and found more specimens of the meteorite. The mineral's name derives from the Khatyrka (Russian : Хатырка) zone where it was discovered. Its type specimen (defining sample) is preserved in the Mining Museum in Saint Petersburg, and parts of it can be found in other museums, such as Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze


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