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Vanadate mineral

Mottramite is an orthorhombic vanadate Cu ), at the copper end of the descloizite subgroup. It was formerly called cuprodescloizite or psittacinite (this mineral characterized in 1868 by Frederick Augustus Genth). Duhamelite -bearing variety of mottramite, typically with acicular habit

Mottramite is a member of the adelite group. Mottramite, which is a copper rich member, forms a series with descloizite, which is a zinc These two minerals usually contain significant percentages of both copper and zinc and are seldom pure. Mottramite also forms a series with duftite

It was discovered in 1876 and named for the locality, Mottram St Andrew , Cheshire, England, where ore was stockpiled, although it was probably mined from Pim Hill Mine, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.


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