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Carbonate mineral

Nahcolite is a soft, colourless or white carbonate mineral with the composition of sodium bicarbonate (Na 3) also called thermokalite. It crystallizes in the monoclinic

Nahcolite was first described in 1928 for an occurrence in a lava tunnel Its name refers to the elements which compose it: Na, H, C, and O. It occurs as a hot spring precipitate or efflorescence alkalic massifs as a daughter mineral phase and in evaporite

It occurs in association with trona , thenardite , burkeite It has been reported in a Roman conduit at Stufe de Nerone, Campi Flegrei, near Naples; in the U. S. from Searles Lake , California; in the Green River Formation ; in the Tincalayu deposit, Salar del Hombre Muerto, Salta Province , Argentina and Khibiny Massif , Russia, Victoria Land


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