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Normandite is a brittle orange brown sorosilicate mineral discovered in 1997 by Charles Normand (born 1963), of Montreal. Normandite occurs in Khibiny Massif , Russia ; in Poudrette quarry, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec ) and Tenerife. It is found in nepheline syenite and in miarolitic cavities in nepheline syenite, associated with nepheline, aegirine, kupletskite, villiaumite -(Y).

Normandite has a chemical formula of NaCa(Mn2+,Fe2+)(Ti,Nb,Zr)Si2O7(O,F)2. It crystallizes in the monoclinic -prismatic crystal system. It occurs as transparent to translucent orange-brown aggregates of subparallel acicular crystals up to 10 mm in length, and as patches of yellow, fibrous crystals. It has a white to very pale yellow streak and vitreous luster. It is brittle, with distinct {100} and {001} cleavages, and a conchoidal fracture. It has a specific gravity of 3.48 to 3.5, a Mohs hardness values of nα=1.743, nβ=1.785 and nγ=1.810. It is named after Charles Normand (born 1963), Canadian geologist.


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